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This white paper is written by the IQ Olympiad Foundation. The IQ Olympiad Foundation has a duty to diligently develop the IQ Olympiad platform and its services. The planned content in the White Paper will be developed step by step and can be strategically modified for the continuous development of services. Unauthorized copying, processing, or citation of this content without permission shall be prohibited.

IQ Test-based Intellectual Growth Platform

IQ Olympiad is an intellectual growth platform that everyone can participate in by refining and sharing IQ tests around the world. Users can access different types of IQ tests to meet intellectual needs and challenge intellectual limits.
IQ Olympiad enables users to create and share IQ tests to create a decentralized IQ testing environment. The platform statistically computes the score for each test result to provide reliable IQ scores for individuals. This improves the reliability of IQ scores compared to traditional IQ scoring methods through decentralization, transparency, and increasing mutual verification among participants.

Blockchain-based Decentralized IQ Testing Platform

IQ Olympiad is a decentralized IQ testing platform that enables users to create, provide, and consume IQ tests. IQ test creators, IQ test-takers, and IQ test curators receive IQ Olympiad tokens (IQOs) for their activities within the ecosystem. This structure leverages blockchain to achieve continuous improvements in the volume and quality of the content on the platform by incentivizing all users. Blockchain technology not only rewards users for their participation but also ensures the integrity of IQ tests and results.
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