IQ Society

‌Communities with IQ requirements such as Mensa, Triple Nine Society, and Mega Society have been formed. IQ Olympiad offers IQ Society services. Any user of IQ Olympiad can open an IQ Society within the platform. Through this, users can form a community and share their thoughts with each other on IQ societies.

Creating an IQ Society

At IQ Olympiad, barriers to establishment of societies are non-existent. Any user can establish an IQ Society within the IQ Olympiad platform. Societies are primarily aimed to be high-intelligence organizations, but it is possible to form communities based on various interests such as IQ societies that love music, art, and sports. For example, there may be an IQ society for musicians and an IQ society for poets. IQ Olympiad provides an IQ average ranking system among societies. A certain amount of IQO tokens is required to create a society.

Applying for an IQ Society

The basic requirement for joining a public society is the IQ Olympiad DeIQ certificate. Users can open or sign up for society within IQ Olympiad. A certain amount of IQO tokens is required create or sign up for a society. In addition to the IQ Olympiad DeIQ certificate, requirements set by the founder of the society, such as requiring the submission of artwork due to the characteristics of each society, can be added as a registration requirement.

IQ Society Forum

The purpose of IQ Society is to form a forum where intellectuals with similar IQs can interact with each other. However, it is not limited to groups of people with similar IQs. Societies can be formed depending on various interests. The forum, formed in the IQ Society, serves as the communication tool between IQ Society members, but the IQ Olympiad provides the function of alliances or coalitions between the societies.

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