Test Creator

Any user can become an Test Creator by producing testing content on the IQ Olympiad platform. Tests generated by test creators are directly provided to test takers, or distributed by curators. Test creators will receive rewards as compensation when the test-takers complete the test. Higher ratings given by test-takers will result in extra rewards to test creators to incentivize their honest and genuine contribution. IQ Olympiad also enables test creators to provide tests to specific users. For example, a teacher may provide her students with a unique set of IQ tests as an assignment, which students can access through the IQ Olympiad application.

Test Taker

IQ Olympiad enables any member to categorize tests by topics to find the ones that match their interests or simply receive recommendations by subscribing to a Test Curator. Test takers are required to pay a certain amount of IQO tokens for taking tests. Test-takers will receive IQO token rewards upon completing IQ tests. If they take a new test that requires more data collection, they will receive extra rewards.

Test Curator

Users with a DeIQ of 130 (at the Mensa level) or above with a certain level of platform participation are eligible to become an IQ Test Curator. Curators have the authority to report tests that can cause disputes or classify and recommend tests to their followers. If a user completes an test through a curator, the curator will receive curation reward points. Curators who search for high-quality tests and present them to test-takers will receive more rewards for their honest curation.

IQ Olympiad Advertisers, Sponsors, Donors

IQ Olympiad members can make donations or sponsor an organization in IQ Olympiad tokens (IQOs) or points. Users can also complete tests dedicated to donations or sponsorships, where test-taking rewards are automatically sent to charity or sponsors. IQ Olympiad also enables advertisers to request for the creation of promoted tests to hold interactive marketing programs within the platform.

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