Creator Studio

IQ Olympiad Creator Studio

IQ Olympiad Creator Studio is a dedicated tool that helps IQ Test Creators easily produce logical and creative problems.

Creatibility: Create + Ability

IQ Olympiad Creator Studio is a complete platform to convey creatibility to its users, that is an ability to create by themselves. With convenient creator tools installed on the IQ Olympiad Creator Studio, users can simply generate various IQ problems. The IQ Olympiad Creator Studio satisfies the basic needs of the platform users who want to create his/her own creative IQ tests by providing a default set of various shapes and picture elements, and user-created image elements.

On the Studio, users only have to simply upload their IQ test file in a PDF file with the answer. Answers for questions are subject to be published online. To assure submitted IQ tests' quality, IQ Olympiad Curators will proceed with an interrogation test. After a successful review, submitted IQ tests are publicly disclosed on the IQ Olympiad platform.

Test Ownership

Answers to the submitted IQ tests are not publicly disclosed to maintain and prove that the tests are credible and decentralized. For the submitted IQ tests, the IQ Olympiad Foundation does not claim any ownership but Test-Creators do. This ensures the fairness and originality of IQ tests on the platform.

All IQ tests that are created and submitted via the IQ Olympiad Creator Studio are stored on the IQ Olympiad's blockchain. By allowing IQ tests to participate as essential resources to run the IQ Olympiad ecosystem, the IQ Olympiad blockchain distributes IQO tokens as rewards to the Test-Takers. Rewards are calculated according to the number of published IQ tests and the Test Creator's popularity on the platform.


When users create new IQ tests and publish them on the platform via the IQ Olympiad Creator Studio, some IQO tokens from contribution rewards are donated to the IQ Olympiad Foundation in the name of fees for the smooth operation of the Foundation's services.


IQ Test Creators can transfer ownership of IQ tests by trading IQO tokens. The new owner of the IQ tests can change the pay range to challenge the IQ tests and earn more IQO token rewards on the platform.

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